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Located in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture,
Ohno Dental Clinic is aiming at painless treatment.

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Ohno Dental Clinic was opened in 1932 in Isehara City and
this year marks 90th year.
The current Director is the third-generation.
We continue treatment rooted in community.
Some patients have been visiting us for more than 30 years.
We accept patients who suffer sudden toothache and are
doing responsible treatment.
Please do not hesitate to consult us not only about tooth
problems but also any other concerns.

Ohno Dental Clinic’s

Facility and Equipments

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General dentistry
It will look at the Cavity,Periodontal disease,Removing calculus, Denture mainly

Cavity (dental caries)

Cavity, also called “caries,” is caused by acid generated by bacteria contained in plaque onthe surface of teeth. Old people often said “you will have caries if you eat lots of sweets!” Strictly speaking, however, we don’t have caries just by eating sugar. With regard to prevention of caries, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is dreadful disease. It’s asymptomatic (painless) and advances slowly.Tissues around teeth, such as gums and bones supporting teeth, are destroyed and broken down by bacteria. Eventually teeth may become loose. In some cases, such teeth have to be removed. Today, it is said that about 80% of adults over 30 year of age and more than 90% of over-40 people suffer periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is No. 1 cause of loosing teeth.

Removing calculus

Plaque can turn into calculus by combining calcium contained in sputum. Because calculus is hard and adheres to the surface of teeth, it is difficult to remove by brushing. It cannot be removed with electric toothbrush. It has to be scaled by a dentist using a professional tool. At Ohno Dental Clinic, calculus removal is performed by two methods―”Scaling”and “Root Planing.”


This means denture made of synthetic-resin which can be covered by general health insurance. Although this type of denture is less superior in quality to metal-base denture, it’s comparatively inexpensive and easy-to-repair. Also, it can be used for people with metal allergy.

※ For people who wants more quality denture or isn’t satisfied with insure-covered denture, Ohno Dental Clinic recommends metal-base denture, silicon processed denture, implant over denture, non-scrub denture (springless denture), etc.

Preventive dentistry
Scaling, Brushing guidance,DIAGNO-dent

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is to maintain oral health and avoid caries by removing calculus, cleaning,applying sealant/fluoride, conducting laser treatment. However diligent you brush after meal, you cannot get rid of all the dirt in your mouth. Dirt that cannot be removed turns into calculus. Untreated calculus can advance to caries.You can prevent caries by having regular-checkup/calculus-removal before having caries. Small children can build healthy teeth for the future. Adults can prevent breath odor and reoccurrence of caries in treated teeth.

Ohno Dental Clinic offers the following preventive dentistry menu.
If you want to be treated or have interest, please ask a clinic staff.

  • Scaling (calculus removal)
  • PMTC(Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning)
  • Brushing guidance (Guidance on how to brush properly)

Blushing guidance

Ohno Dental Clinic gives tooth-brushing guidance.
For people who cannot make habit of proper tooth-brushing, we try to find a suitable method and habituate step by step.

(We explain individual gum condition, etc. to carefully instruct how to brush.)

Brushing order

1.Set your bristles at the gum at 45-degree angle.

Tilt the toothbrush and slide it from gum to teeth.

2.Compress the bristles and slide toward gum line as if pushing it into gum.

Tilt the toothbrush and slide it from gum to teeth.

3.Keep the bristle position and vibrate the brush laterally.

Do not put too much power.
Just vibrate. (about 20 seconds) 


If caries is at the earliest stage, its aggravation can be prevented by application of anti-aggravation medicine (fluoride) or at-home brushing.
Using DIAGNO-dent pen, early detection, early prevention and early treatment are possible.
Until now, system of examining/diagnosing caries progress with numeric values has not been established.
Because DIAGNO-dent just irradiates low-power 655 nm laser beam along the gum line on the surface of teeth, it doesn’t cause pain.


  • Painless
    • It does not cause any pain because it just irradiates light.
  • It does not damage teeth.
    • Previously, caries were detected by inserting a needle in a suspicious tooth. However, recent research revealed that stabbing a suspicious tooth using a dental needle may damage the tooth and accelerate caries progress.
  • Easy-to-detect
    • DIAGNO-dent tells whether inside the teeth has caries or not with sound and numeric value.
  • Minimum treatment
    • By accurately detecting caries lesions, the amount of drilling can decrease.
  • Safe for pregnant woman
    • Progress of caries can be detected without X-ray examination.
Pediatric dentistry

Deciduous teeth, or milk teeth, are said to easily have caries compared to permanent teeth. This is because deciduous teeth are softer than permanent teeth and grooves of posterior teeth are deep and complicated-shaped and therefore, very difficult to completely get rid of dirt.Children’s caries significantly affect their future life.

If caries is untreated, permanent teeth cannot develop from their appropriate place when they erupt. As a result, permanent teeth may be ill-arranged. Pediatric dentistry is to appropriately treat children’s caries in order to ensure sound permanent teeth.

At Ohno Dental Clinic, surface anesthesia is used to numb sensation before injecting anesthesia, so as to relieve anxiety of a child patient.

Ohno Dental Clinic offers the following pediatric dentistry menu.
If you want consultation or are interested in pediatric menu, please ask our staff.

Fluorine application
To strengthen teeth by applying fluorine

Fluorine is said to make teeth resistant to caries by affecting “teeth” and “bacteria in the mouth” thanks to its following functions

  • promoting deposition of mineral contained in sputum.
  • strengthening teeth quality which helps re-mineralization.
  • preventing teeth decomposition and inhibiting acid production.

Effect on infants and children

Because “young deciduous teeth” and “young permanent teeth” are weak in quality and easily have caries, preventive effect of fluorine application is highly anticipated.

No over-application

Swallowing large amount of fluorine (more than 2 mg per 1 kg bodyweight) at one time may cause acute poisoning, such as vomiting and nausea. Amount of fluorine applied at dental clinic is, however, within the range of poisoning-safety.

To help teeth more resistant to caries by filling grooves
of posterior teeth

Sealant is a method to prevent caries by filling grooves of posterior teeth occlusion of young deciduous teeth and permanent teeth with plastics or cement. It is also called Fisher Sealant.

Young teeth have the following characteristics. As they cannot be completely cleaned, they may have caries even if brushed everyday.

  • They are so shorter than other teeth that toothbrush cannot reach.
  • For some people, grooves of posterior teeth are too deep to insert the bristle.
  • Tooth quality is immature.

In order to redeem such disadvantages, sealant is used to physically improve oral
environment by filling grooves of posterior teeth with plastic or cement.

Dental Implant
The difference of Complete denture and Implant

Dental implant is a new treatment method developed as an alternative of “denture”,
“abutment” and “crown.” It is to insert an artificial tooth close to a natural tooth in order to replace a missing tooth when it came out. This method helps patients to get back a beautiful natural-looking tooth and to enjoy eating. Moreover, from the aesthetic and health points of view, implanting is recommended.

Complete denture(Disadvantages)
  • Taste changes
  • May cause gagging
  • Foreign body sensation
  • May feel pain
  • Have difficulty for sticky food
  • Have difficulty for hard food
  • No discomfort and foreign-body sensation
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Can eat like real teeth
  • Can eat comfortably
  • Can bite in two months after surgery

Patients’ voice

Mr.Nobuo Kaneko ― About 15 years has passed since my implant surgery.

When I was in hospital due to a stomach disease 20 years ago, I also suffered from alveolar pyorrhea and was recommended to receive implant surgery.
Although I had abutment before implant, it was not comfortable because food particles got stuck. After receiving implants surgery (10 teeth), I can eat anything including omochi rice cake without worry. As implants do not have to be removed, I won’t go out without teeth. Implants are good. I spend about 20 minutes 3 times a day. It is easy-to-care, compared to denture. Since I feel like my own teeth, I want to use them longer.

Ms.Hisae Saiki ― About 12 years have passed since my implant surgery.

I had not consult dentist until I became 25 years old and I was confident of my dental health. After childbirth, however, my teeth got worse and my front teeth were replaced with crown. I was not able to eat what lays a burden on teeth. Crown often came off and gapped, resulting in bad appearance. I knew about implant surgery but gave up at that time because there was no dental clinic nearby where I could undergo surgery.
Later on, an acquaintance introduced implant manufacturer to me and I underwent the surgery. In my case, bones are still healthy. I received surgery for lower two teeth first, then upper ten teeth. I did not feel much pain as expected. Looking back, I was very courageous.

Mr.Toshimasa Shimizu ― About 8 years has passed since my implant surgery.

In my 20’s day, my jaw bone was broken in a traffic accident and I was forced to have denture.
I had to renew denture many times because of distortion of my cheek.
I was in poor physical condition, causing my family anxiety. Under these circumstances, I asked a dentist association by myself about implant and to introduce a dentist whom I can visit from my place. Because my mandible was fixed with wire, I was unsure whether implant surgery was possible.
I consulted my doctor and had implanted 9 teeth in the form of bridge.
It cost high because the surgery was done at my own expense.
However, I am very much satisfied.

which cannot be removed by brushing

Whitening is a method to get rid of color which cannot be removed by brushing and routine cleaning to whiten teeth.Ohno Dental Clinic offers at-home whitening which is well received. Although effects vary between individuals, teeth will stay strong/healthy and become whiter generally in two weeks. Whitening treatment is not covered by health insurance.

Painless treatment
two-step anesthetization

Ohno Dental Clinic offers “two-step anesthetization.”

First step

To relieve pain of injection, sense of skins and mucosa are numbed using surface anesthesia. (Embrocation or anesthesia sheet is used for several to ten minutes)

Second step

Pain and anxiety of anesthesia may be caused by excess injecting pressure and temperature of anesthetic solution. Ohno Dental Clinic uses the finest dental needle to inject anesthesia as well as warms anesthetic solution at 35-36℃.
Also, we use an electric anesthetic device to inject slowly and at balanced pressure.

Introduction of


Ohno Dental Clinic was opened in Isehara City, my hometown, because we want to help our community for their dental health.

I keep in mind that my treatment contribute to patients’ mental and physical health and happiness.
Recently, it is often said that oral condition and overall physical condition are closely related. It’s not overemphasized if we say that physical health cannot be retained without good oral condition.

Good treatment is neither stage-of-the-art treatment, nor big-scale treatment. Rather, treatment beneficial for patients’ health is good treatment. From now on, I believe it important to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth by using no-drilling treatment as much as possible.

Doctor profile

DoctorOno Tomohide.
Born in Isehara City
Graduated from Hiratsuka Konan Highshool
Graduated from Tokyo Dental College
Association, etc.Japan Dental Association
Japan Society of Oral Implantology
Japan Medical-Dental Association for Tobacco Control
Physicians Against Nuclear War
Shools and kindergartens, etc. in charge:Sakuradai Elementary School         Hikari Kindergarten
Isehara Junior High School           Yakumo Kindergarten
Odakyu Electoric Railway


Questions about teeth

My tooth filling came off. Is it possible to refill?

It’s possible. Bring the filling to us if you still have it.

The filling can be put back if the tooth whose filling came off does not have caries.

Time passed since my filling came off. How should I do?

Please bring the filling even if time passed.

If you have meals with a tooth having no filling, the unfilled tooth might have chipped, resulting in progressing caries. For this reason, please visit us as soon as possible.


Questions about treatment

I want to visit soon because my tooth suddenly aches.
Can I be examined on the current day without appointment?

Yes, you can. We accept patients within the office hours. Please call us.

What should I bring when I visit for the first time?

If you visit us for the first time, please bring your health insurance card.

Other questions

Can I use my credit card?

Yes, you can. We accept the following credit cards.
Also, you can pay by electric money “iD.”



3-11-7, Isehara, Isehara Shi, Kanagawa Ken, 259-1131, Japan



Open at9:00~12:00/14:00~19:00
△= Saturday close at 18:00
※On Thursday, We open only morning hours.
ClosedSunday, 2nd and 4th Thursday.
National holidays, Golden Week, Obon Week (mid-August), year-end to New-year days.